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Hi! I’m Ramesha Nicole. I’m an international teacher, speaker and coach whose mission is to help women around the world secure the bag internally to produce it externally through the process of internal transformation.

In January 2018, just 26 hours before I was scheduled to embark on an 11 month missions trip journey called the World Race, the Lord told me to STOP RUNNING and deal with my debt. Devastated (after the 3rd time of praying and getting the same answer), I began to do just that. I attended Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, lived with my sister and family, while working two part-time jobs. Every little extra bit went towards paying off my debt.

One day, I received a call from a friend, who was working abroad and mentioned that her school was looking for an Elementary School Counselor. She that it would be a perfect way to pay off my debt. So, I contacted the head of schools and within a week, I was hired. 29 hours before departure, I paid off $5,000 on an auto loan I was upside down on(One thing I've learned is that the Lord definitely may not come when you want him, but he'll be there right on time; literally). As I loaded the plane, I made a declaration that this would be a season of life and death (as this was also the same day my great-grandfather went to heaven 13 years prior) to life as I had known it to be.

It’s Not Where You’ve Been, It’s About Where You’re Going

After 10 months of living abroad, I completed the first milestone of my journey to financial freedom by paying off $10,00 in credit card debt. However, I soon learned that the journey was about more than just paying off debt, but that it was a journey of healing who I was on the inside, so that it would no longer control who I was on the outside, including my finances. It took getting real with myself about who I was, where I was and where I wanted to go. Though not easy, I had to shift my mindset around limiting beliefs, heal my relationship with myself, along with others, and with money.

Keep Pushing

Two quotes that I now live by are “Don’t be satisfied with WHO, WHAT, and WHERE you are now.” by Dr. Myles

Munroe and “You don’t get what you want, you get what you BELIEVE.” by Steve Harvey

I believe that you have the power to transform your life if you stay committed to the process and do the work. 

Are you ready to do the work and  GET REAL to EXPERIENCE FREEDOM?


Is it time to TRANSFORM your TRUTH about debt and heal your money story?

Is it time for you to GET REAL about who and where you are so that you can begin to EXPERIENCE FREEDOM?

Then a __________ session is right for you. In this powerful jam packed 1:1 coaching session, I will help you get clear on mindsets, behaviors and habits that may be hindering you from truly experiencing the freedom you not only want, but so rightfully deserve: mentally, emotionally, physically & financially.

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